Looking for expert for Avid / Toon Boom File management

Hello Toon Boom Forum.My name is Joel Bloom. I am in search of an expert to help us with some file management issues.We are producing some animated shorts. Storyboards are being created in Toon Boom - then sent to an Avid Media Composer v5.xWe want to PAY someone for there content management skills. (Short Contract Deal)We need to build a pipeline that will be able to go from Toon Boom to Avid and back again. We need to figure out the workflow / file Mangement systems.Give me a call or please forward your information to me.Thank you all in advance - Joel@sillywood.com (415)559.2727BTW - you will be working with the freshly Nominated - 2011 Academy Awards production team - Best Animated Short “Let’s Pollute”. CHEERS!


Feel free to make use of the Job Connections board on the website: