Looking for courses/ teachers in Stockholm, Sweden

Me and my son is trying to learn Harmony essential but have reach a point where we need someone to help us. I am looking for Courses nearby Stockholm or someone who could teach us how go from here.
We have tryed to learn from videos but we need someone to discuss with.

Have you any suggestens of Courses or persons who could help us ?


Hej Gunilla,
Jag jobbar i Harmony Advanced så jag hoppas att kan svar på många frågor. Finns inte i Stockholm men sitter utanför Gävle.
Vi kan säkert ta många frågor per mail eller nån web tjänst.
maila mig på mattias@gordon.se

/ Mattias

Hi Gunilla,

you can also have a look at the Harmony resources video tutorials.

Best regards,