Looking For Attribute Names

Hey Everyone,

So I’m looking for all of the attribute names inside nodes, specifically Peg and Read nodes, though if there was a master list somewhere of all nodes’ attributes, that’d be ideal. (I’m doing a bunch of scripting.)

On ONE seven-year-old post here, I found a mention of POSITION.X as the name of the attribute in a Peg node. From there, I’ve been able to figure out the following:


But I have no idea what the “Angle Z” attribute name is.

(It’s not ANGLE, ANGLE.Z, ANGLE_Z, ROTATION, ROTATION.Z, ROTATION_2, or any lower-case version (as these appear to be case-sensitive).

Does a list of these attributes exist anywhere? This kind of thing only ever seems to appear when a Toon Boom employee mentions one in this support forum, but I don’t see any of this in any documentation.

Fellow users, Toon Boom employees, your help is greatly appreciated!

If you go to ‘Node View’ and hit the 'HAMBURGER"(Three stacked white oblongs)—>'View"—>“Publish Attribute Node” It gives you more clues in the ‘Layer Properties’ View.

But, I’m with you, there should be a clear list!