Looking for an Experienced TBS Animator in the UK preferably


Actually more to the point, I’d like to speak to somebody who knows TBS really well to ascertain whether I am wasting my time in TBS.

Long story short I have done a TON of illustrations for a new project, and they have all been done in Illustrator CS5. Up till now, have animated them in Photoshop as animated gifs, as i do not know TBS at all but TBS has so much more functionality that the quality of the illustrations would be massively enhanced if I used that instead.

What I need is an experienced TBS animator, in the first instance to advise me as to whether TBS is the way to go, and if so, possibly help me out in getting them redone in TBS. There are so many i need doing, i will need help anyway. Could be a lot of work for someone if they are keen to get involved.

Reason I say preferably UK, is that the content of these illustrations is all about football (soccer) and in particlular the leagues in the UK so a good knowledge of that is definitely helpful, although not 100% mandatory

If anyone is interested, please drop me a mail at evan@drawtalent.co.uk

many thanks

Hello,Toon Boom Studio is designed for the hobbyist so if that fits your needs, you should definately give it a try as it has great animation features and produces good quality animation!If you would like to know which other Toon Boom application may be right for your project, please send a description of the type of animation you will do for example cut out puppet style or frame by frame… to sales@toonboom.comYou can also include a sample or link of how your finished product should look.Please mention for what audience it will be played for instanced, web, TV, film.I am sure you will find people interested in working with you on your project. Thanks for Posting in this forum!DebbieToon Boom Support