Looking for a digital display

I’m looking into getting into toon boom and trying to get a laptop setup that will run the program. Most laptops I’m finding do not have the ability to have the graphics card and touch screen I’m looking for. Because, of this I’m also looking at digital displays that are compatible. I am unfamiliar with drawing on digital tablets and felt that one I could draw directly on the screen would be best for me. My budget is about $400- $500 though. Any suggestions for a Newby trying to break in?

What do you mean when you say “digital display”? Are you referring to a Cintiq-like device which is a tablet with a screen so you are drawing onto the artwork?

Or do you mean an external display to attach to your computer/laptop that supports touch technology?

Drawing directly on the artwork like traditional drawing is ideal but you may have to compromise with a basic drawing tablet in conjunction with a laptop or desktop computer.

The drawing tablets that are independent computers with an operating system are very expensive and I don’t think there are any Wacom competitors under $500.

A Wacom Cintiq is just a tablet with a screen so you can draw onto the artwork. It requires a separate computer to run the software. There are Cintiq-like devices competing with the Wacom Cintiq that require a separate computer or laptop in which to install and run the software starting around $300.

Toon Boom only supports Wacom so you may run into problems. People are using non-Wacom products with varying degrees of success. You need to do a lot of research and try to watch all of the user reviews on Youtube.

To date, no one is offering a competitive product that works 100% equal to a Wacom Cintiq.

Starting out you may have to do what most people have done, get a computer/laptop and an inexpensive tablet. A Wacom model would be the Bamboo. There are basic Wacom tablet competitors that work better than Wacom Cintiq-like device competitors.

This guy, Rebel Pixel, has done several reviews on Wacom competitors:

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