Look mom, my 1st animation!!!

Hi evebody,
My first animation (i am learner since jan’05) on the link below. Its little “pepper” in some scenes but servers me to learner many things in ToonBoom, Flash and Illustrator.


Claudio :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you very much. I think I was exaggerate in some things, I will cut off some scenes.Like dancing scene. And try apply more 2D traditional techniques in whole animation. ;D

Great work! Exaggeration is the key! Although “stiff” would have been appropriate for your story.

Hopefully you’ll send us some other subject matter as well in the future as your drawing style is nice!


Hi TDolce. Thanks. I had hard work to did this. I am begginer in animation. And iI dont have many time to learn.The only way to learn is to doing.

Now I am study my-self traditional animation (in books). Do you recommend anyone?


Toon Boom’s How to Animate e-book of course :slight_smile:

Seriously, this book is really nice, I have one myself and we receive a lot of good feedback on it.

Also, look for Preston Blair’s animation book, simple, well illustrated and full of usefull information of course.


Thanks Mathieu.
I purchased the e-book, on the last month. And is good to help in all traditional techniques. And give me ideas to mix the tweening techniques(Flash) with 2D traditional.

This book is good for all.if you do not use ToonBoom, this book also you will serve.

The Preston Blair I dont have, but I heard good sounds.


Hi, Claudio–

As others suggest, there are plenty of books on how to animate out there, but here’s one book I highly recommend. It’s Chris Patmore’s “The Complete Animation Course” published by Barron’s.

The book is NOT a complete animation course by any stretch of the imagination, and it is NOT specifically about HOW to draw animation, but rather, it has great information on various approaches animators have used and are using. I find the book great for jumpstarting my imagination when I’m blocked creatively. Programs like Toon Boom (Patmore recommends Toon Boom) are wonderful, but this book reminds me that many possibilites are out there and it offers an overview of many approaches.

You can get it for $15 at Amazon.com:


Also, you should consider all the great instruction currently available on the web.

Here are a few I’ve discovered:

Try tapping into Klasky Csupo’s site. He offers very helpful lessons on traditional animation:


Also, Larry’s Toon Institute site is first-rate:


And this one:


Good luck and keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,

Hi Elwood!
Thanks for help!
Larry’s Toon Institute’s link is a great resource. Very good. And the others I will choose what I pick up. I saw your website.I like the KyotiPapers animation.Cool. Did your hear about acme master online? A online course with pros(Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks)?

So, do you see my 1st animation? Do you like it? Sorry if it offend someone! OK?


Amz, Bra