Logging into Harmony on a different computer

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I have Toon Boom Harmony Essentials on my desktop at home. I’d like to be able to work on my project on my laptop as well, so I can take assets on the go. With Creative Cloud, I am able to log into Creative Cloud on any computer with it installed. The only caveat to that is that only two computers can be signed in at once, otherwise I have to sign all of them out.

Is there a similar feature for Toon Boom? I wouldn’t be using on two computers at once, just want to sign in and out as needed.

I wish it would be a bit more automatic like it is with the creative cloud, where you can just force another computer using the license to log out while activating it on the current machine. Sometimes I forget to return the license when I worked from home.

You can install the software on several computers, but you can only use one per license at a time. You can use the License Wizard to return the license to Toon Boom server. After you’ve done that you can activate the license on another computer (via License Wizard or just running the application, then you’ll be prompted to insert the license key). this should apply to all Harmony versions:


Luis Canau

Hi Kristina,

The answer Icanau has given is correct. :slight_smile:

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Hi Matisse,

Can you confirm if there’s a limit per day or per week of how many times this can be done? Not that I plan to deactivate and activate a license every day or anything like that, but I read someone around here mentioning there was a limit and I would like to be sure. Can you confirm it? Thanks.

Luis Canau

Hi XarX,
I’m with you. This day and age you would expect to be able to use on more then one device. Simply sign out on other devices and log in, as with Adobe Animate.

yes for that price it is a shame to have to deactivate and reactivate everytime you need to work between your compouter at home and your laptop when you go outside
this pisses me

I hope they will make a system like Adobe, i will soon have to work outside my home in anther computer but with my license, i think this will be annoying, i Already had this problem whille working between a laptop and my main computer. I know it’s to counter pirating, but it’s more annoying for paid users.

they are encouraging pirating by doing this in the first place, there should be a non commercial license for those who are learning but not attached to a University and for those making works that are not commercial, currently Toon Boom does not help itself or the non profit making creatives with this corporate only mind set