Locking transforms by axis?

I have a character with multiple arms and while developing the rotational view over time I’ve been switching to the drawing view and doing a horizontal flip on every element that makes an arm to get the arm flipped so the elbow is in the right position. I then have to reposition all the rotational points, etc. Kind of a necessary evil.

It occurred to me today that the transform tool allows me to do the exact same thing but on the arm, elbow, forearm… everything from it’s parent-child relationship in one quick move. Slick! This will same me unlimited hours on cutout assembly…

But a problem…

The transform tool is so perfect for this but I can’t seem to lock any of the axis to ensure all I get is a ‘flip’ instead of stretches.

1) Am I missing a setting or keystroke combo to accomplish this?
2) Is there a way to lock sizes?
3) I can select a drawing and no a direct horizontal/vert transform from the menu, but not a peg. Any reason why not?

Ah… I wasn’t looking in the right place. I just realized there is another set of menu transformations from the Elements menu. I was looking under tools, which is disabled in the camera view.


I am not sure if everything is solved already but one easy way to flip a character in camera view is to simply attach it to a master peg and use the property window to change its horizontal scale to -1 (the second field in the scale part of the drawing tab). Using the Select tool from the sceneplanning to do that will allow you to flip that character even though it is already animated (so you won’t have to set it at every keyframe).

Hope this come in handy.

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