locking sound to pic

hi - I am producing an anamatic for a two minute song . Is there a way to lock panels in position to the music .I am constantly losing sync when i add new panels in the middle of the song .Is there a way to move chunks of images along the music track without affecting the length of other panels . ( this may mean leaving an empty slot in the anamatic till i can place something later . ) 2 image timelines would be very useful here . thanks

Hi YoborobI have tried to explain a workaround in an earlier post.Here is the link.http://www.toonboom.com/support/forums/storyboard/index.php?board=11;action=display;threadid=760Please do a quick test to cheque before you put a lot of work into the project.Best regardsIvar

thanks - yes that was the work around i was using too (once I’d realised what was happening ) the problem became apparent when i jumped to the end of the song to board the big finish before doing the other parts of the song . Adding one panel here and there in the middle always through the synced up finish . this has become a feature request now I feel . :slight_smile:

I second the workaround. Split Panel at Current Frame will keep the timing. I will log the request for future versions.