Locking single attributes?

Hello there,
me and my colleague were wondering if there is a way to lock single attributes of a Peg, the task seams so simple i can’t imagine there isn’t a solution out there.
For example, if i have a deformer arm with just a part of it as an overlay, and i won’t ever have to move this overlay in any other direction than the Z Axis.
Is there a way to lock the others funcitons away?

Already thanks for your time, you have great piece of software there :wink:

Hi StephanL,

Yes, you can. You could create an Expression column with no value and then link the x and y functions to this empty expression column.
Someone in the community made a tutorial about this, which I am copying the link to here: https://youtu.be/3R9SgDnJyVI?t=17m25s


That’s what i’m talking about!! :smiley:
Thank you very much! This is gonna make my rigger friends and myself so happy :slight_smile: