Locking off Drawings vs Keyframes

Is there a way to lock Drawings down? When I’m timing animation and I have everything on pegs I hate it when I go to move a peg keyframe and it moves the drawing with it. While that scenario is good sometimes - lots of times It would be good if I could just move the peg keyframe and not the drawing. I’ve looked around – but can’t find an answer to this? Can I even do this in harmony?


Hey man, maybe I’m not understanding but this doesn’t happen for me. Are you moving the peg keyframe while you have it’s contents collapsed? That would move the drawing too if that’s the case…


Yes! Whoops – I mean while everything is collapsed. Also I think even when everything is open and I select an area and just want to move Peg keyframes it will move my drawing keyframes too.

Had the same problem too, kinda hoping someone found a way to get around this problem.
I normally work with collapsed mode in timeline, because it is easier otherwise I will have to scroll through hundreds of layer which is bothersome.

Because of this issue I had to do my facial expressions and lipsync at the very end after I finalised my character animation, which is not so ideal, especially when I need to re-time my poses for fixes, when I move my keyframes around so does my facial expression and lipsync, and it went haywire,
Even after I locked the layers, because locking layers doesn’t actually lock it, it only unables you to select them, but is still moves the keyframes and drawing subs around.

So I had to disconnect the facial groups and my mouth groups in the network just so I can do this, after re-timing i would re-connect them again.

Is there an easier way to do this?

No that’s not the case. If the peg is un-collapsed it should move only the peg’s keyframes and nothing else.

Hi there,

I know this post is now 3 years late, but we faced the same issue and one of the guys at the studio figured this out, so if it happens to anyone else and starts searching, try this.

Go to Edit >Preferences > General > and look for the Snap keyframes option. Uncheck this box and you should be good to go.

Best regards.