Locking layers

Is there a way to lock a layer, for example a mouth shape layer for my character, and while being able to see the mouth shape in camera view, to be able to batch select key frames and move them along the timeline without disturbing the lip sync on my mouth shape layer?

To basically be able to temporarily lock layers on a timeline where you can no longer add or remove keys or disturb the position of the keys already on it when batch selecting a character’s keys to do modifications on them.

Right now it only seems to lock the ability to select them on the camera view.


Awesome! Thank you.

There’s no way to do this right now. I can submit this one as a feature request.


I know this was 5 years ago, but has this issue been fixed? Me and my colleges are getting into ToonBoom and we can not work out how to get around this? There must be a way to lock it so it is not selectable though? It seems so practical?