Locking Layers Issue

If a layer is locked and is a child of another layer, the locked layer will move along with any transformations of the parent. Cool, right.

Unfortunetly, when saving a scene and then opening it up, the Locked state of the layer(s) aren’t retained.

It would be oh-so-convient if the locked state of layers could be saved with the file, as it would make using Patch Articulation so much easier, i.e. no accidentally moving/selecting a patch w/o also selecting the parent.

Are there any workarounds? Right now, I have each layer that needs to be locked colored Red and have to go and lock each layer manually.


well, it was something that happened too in animate 1…
maybe in the next version a record of the state of the layers could be added… ;D

Ahh, I finally understand why people have been asking for that lock setting to be remembered.

Basically, there are two ways around this for rigging a character with patches. Are you working in Animate or Animate Pro? If you’re working in Animate, then I would suggest encapsulating your body part and its patch into a symbol. That way, when you grab onto that layer, it will not accidentally grab the patch, it can only grab the whole symbol. This is one of the very few instances in which I recommend the use of symbols.

If you’re working in Animate Pro, then I would recommend using a peg-selection model. What I mean is, create pegs for all of your drawing layers. Then connect the peg layers together to create your hierarchy. Do not create a separate peg for the body part and its patch - in this case, you only have one peg for the body part and its patch. By doing this, and having Peg Selection mode enabled in the tool properties for your transform tool, then you can’t accidentally grab the patch.

Hope that was helpful. We will look at the ability to retain the locking of layers for future versions of the software, and I’d recommend making sure to add this as a feature request in that section of the forums.

Toon Boom Support