lock shots on timeline

I’m storyboarding a job which is timed by the soundtrack.(an opera movie).
I desperately need to be able to lock certain key shots to specific moments in the music, and edit shots around it without the whole timeline shifting. Holding down Alt doesn’t quite do the job.
Any workarounds?

I don’t know how to lock the sound to a panel, and look forward to see if anyone have a solution for that.
But what I have found practical is working in the sound and timeline view with the sound scrubbing turned on.
Then extend the panel duration to the whole project.(Or large sections)
Then use the sound scrubbing to find exactly where to start the new panels and go to the top menu -Storyboard -Split Panel At current frame.
If you are not satiesfied just undo and repeat until it really hits.
Like that you can split the project directly into panels following the music.
To rearrange using this method copy paste drawings from one panel to the other is more practical than moving panels arround by obvious reasons.
You can attach a shortcut to the Split Panel At Current Frame in the preferences. Myself I have used cmd+T because it is used for this purpose in other software I use and is not yet occupied in TB SB Pro.

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Thanks a lot, I almost got there myself, only I did a series of 1min. panels and used the split tool on those: But I will surely try your workaround for the next act.

Make sure you have activated autosave.
I have not worked with large amount of sound layers( in fact only one final), nor imported new sound after starting a project in this manner.
Please make sure it function all the way through final export before you start a time consuming jobb.
After all this must be looked upon as a workaround.
I use SB Pro 1.5
There have been posts on the forum telling that soundtracks that is not starting from the first frame move forward when imported to other applications. (Animate Pro)


Further , multiple copies of the same soundtrack will not follow export to xml.
There might be a lot of other issues that I am not aware of.
So please try out the full step by step technique you use, to see that there will be no bad surprises at the end.

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