Lock/preserve transparency on bitmap layer?


Photoshop has lock transparency
Tvpaint has preserve transparency
Harmony = where?

Is this feature available in harmony and if so, where to find it?
If not, maybe in harmony 15?

I know about protect color in vector mode (which is not so optimal for this kind of task) but is there a way to lock/preserve transparency in bitmap mode?
Would be nice to have this feature for both vector and bitmap layer with one click toggle.

Need this!


I do not know if this exists in Harmony. Can you describe what you want to do? I know what that option does to image files. If you describe what you are doing and planning to do I may be able to find a way in Harmony.

FWIW, the soft transparencies in a gradient are respected after opening Harmony generated TIF files, (and probably any format supporting Alpha), when you check Localized Color Clusters and have Fuzzinest at 200% in Photoshop.

Try the Repaint brush. There is, however, no option to lock alpha/transparency within the brush settings themselves.

Thanks for the replies folks.

“Repaint brush” for bitmap layer (on bitmap line&color art) seems to do the trick.
Wonder if it is shortcut map’able…