.Lock Files

I had to force quit Storyboard pro when my computer was acting up. Now when I try to open up the project I was working on I get an “the project is already opened” error. How do I fix this? I know this has something to do with the .lock file? but can find no information to fix this when the program is force quit. Please help, on a deadline!

Thanks in advance.

Just some things to consider:

Can you wait to contact Support and to receive a response during their business hours?

Have you tried restarting the computer?

Do you run the software with auto-save? (I only have Animate Pro and Harmony experience so I don’t know if it is a feature in SBP)

I have not tried it but if I were in this position I would look in the file folders for a backup file. I would attempt to make a copy of it and move the original to a safe location. I would then try to open the copy of the backup. Of course after making the copy of the backup file you need to make sure the copy has the name of the original backup file. In your attempt to open the backup file it might involve renaming it manually to that of the main file (as opposed to the name of its backup file). Confused yet? :slight_smile:

Good luck