.lock crisis

I have been working on a board all week. Deadline is tomorrow. All was going well.
Been going for about 6 hrs today and starting to feel a little crunchy ( myself and also noticed drawing a bit slow) which is odd as working on a new powerful mac.
So saved, closed SBPro ( and mac mail, explorer, spotify - the only other programs running) and restarted as normal.

On reboot I tried to reopen the SBPro file and got this message:

"This project is already opened.

Machine : xxxxxx.local
User : xxxxxxx
Date : Thu Oct 13 18:28:50 2016

Making changes and saving the project while being opened by another user can corrupt the scene."

If I then try and continue to open I get a frozen black SBPro screen which has to be force quit.

So the thing is I’m the only one working on it, the file wasn’t open and it didn’t crash.
Even if it had crashed after I initiated restart, I would have got a message on reboot advising me of the crash. ( Which I didn’t).

I’ve rebooted.
I’ve tried deleting the .lock in the folder ( with SBPro closed). It reappears when I try and open the file ( regardless of whether I open by double clicking the file or from SBP startup menu)

I’ve copied and renamed all the files** (folder, .aux,.sboard, .sboard.thumbnails .plt) but no joy with the latest copy that I saved ( and desperately want to recover!)

Looking back through Time Capsule I found that .lock started to appear yesterday morning. ( And since when I have properly closed and restarted the machine (overnight).)
**Using this renaming method I was at least able to reopen a version from earlier this afternoon. However I would still really love to recover this afternoon’s work as there’s some really great stuff there ( even if I say so myself…)

Help please!

Oh and I also removed the file copies with ~ and still not opening…

The lock file is created when you open a project.
When you close from the menu the lock file is removed.
When you force quit the program the software never gets
a chance to remove the file.

Go into the project folder and manually delete the .lock
file to stop getting error message.

The files with ~ at the end are your backups. If you want
to recover the previously saved state of the project, rename the
[project name].sboard
[projectname.aux files.

After that rename the
[project name].sboard~
[projectname.aux~ files to rmove the “~” character and try opening the project.

Thanks for your help on this! Really appreciated the call to go through the cause also.

Hi, so I’ve been trying to find the same solutions, and I tried using this method. After getting ride of the “~” character, the .lock file is still appearing, even with no messages of it saying that “This project is already opened.” It just keeps locking me out. My situation is different however. I downloaded my storyboard files from Google Drive and it now won’t open up at all. My original files are all gone or corrupted. This is the only copy I have now. Please help me.

This is what it looks like right now, after renaming and opening up my backup file.