Location of drawing files?

I have returned with my toon boom studio v.5 file from office machine. After opening file I see that there are no images, just names of files in the x-sheets without the drawings. I’m assuming they are still on the other computer. Can you let me know where they are located (the name of the folder in which the drawings are stored) for both the PC running Vista and the Mac running Leopard.

I see the tbp extension and that’s what I copied from the PC computer. And when I opened it on my Mac there was nothing showing up in the drawing view or movie view although there were greened-out areas where the drawings belong on the Timeline view, and the names of hte files in the X-sheet view.

I’d like to bring home with me all the files I need continue working on the current project.

Thanks anyone.

Note to original Post: I will also need to copy all the pertinent Current Project files from the Mac when I return to the PC to work on the project.

Sense of urgency is growing.

Hi there,

Basically, a TBS project is contained within a folder (with the name of the project). In this folder is the .tbp (toon boom project file) and subfolders for your project elements (templates, sound, scenes etc).

The difference between Mac and PC is that projects created on a Mac will be packaged as a .tbpd (Toonboom Project Directory) if you right-click and choose show package contents, you will see the same structure as when viewed on a PC)

If you copy from one computer to another, you have to copy the whole directory for each project, so you can make sure to get all your scene assets.
Here is a link that explains all the TBS file formats. Pretty good resource:

Hope this helps,