Local Project File

How do I take one local file from one project to another? My locals on one project are not showing up on my new project.

The term local means that the assets are restricted to the current project only. To have assets (art, images, sounds) that are available to all projects they need to be global. That’s why there is a global library. To make any local assets global you must simply copy them from your Animation or Local library to your global library. This can be as easy as drag and drop or copy and paste.

Assets that are in your Animation catalog of your library are local assets. You can simply select any assets in your Animation catalog and using CTRL+C or Command+C (Mac) you can copy that asset. Then select the desired catalog in your global library and use CTRL+V or Command+V (Mac) to paste the copied asset into the global catalog.

Once it’s in your global library you will have access to that asset in all future projects. -JK