Loading .tpl for swatches color palette takes forever

For some reason it takes nearly an hour or more to load a colour palette. When a key .tpl is imported into the stage its extracted color swatches take forever to load. Unsure if doing something wrong. Advice would be great.

Unsure if its an issue with how preferences have been done in the program. harmony 14 is being used. Checked OpenGL and Render tabs and believe they are configured properly.

System specs are:
2009 Mac Pro
2.93 GHz quad core dual XEON
64GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 970
Dual SSD drives with Sierra Installed.

Please contact support and provide the .tpl for analysis.
Also send the wording of any error messages you might be getting.

How does support want me to send them the file? Do I quote this thread.

Link to zipped file using Dropbox or some other file-hosting service.


Is it possible that why the program is so slow or unresponsive is the size of the canvas sizes? These numbers look big to me but all seems ok.

Please contact support directly, so they can open a support ticket for this.
It’s too involved to be handled over the forum.