Loading cartoons on the internet

I have just completed my first animated cartoon and I’m looking to load it on the internet to share with family and friends. I have some quick questions…

1) Which site would you recommend to load these projects onto? I’m looking for something free, easy to use and efficient.

2) What format should I load the footage to optimize its performance?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

if ur file is in swf format then u can upload in any free web hosting service , u can also try youtube !

also try http://www.aniboom.com. Lots of fun content there, and free hosting.

Thanks Rob,
I checked out “Aniboom.” It’s pretty cool, but if you are on a mac, you will have to download Netscape 7.2. Its free: http://browser.netscape.com/ns8/download/archive72x.jsp The Aniboom web site does not work well with the mac browser Safari. There are a lot of good animations, and the are having “Aniboom Awards.” Submission is free!
Happy New Year!
Jerry sanders

For a standard swf file, I think the easiest is newgrounds.com.