Loaded but App wont run!!!

It appears that I successfully downloaded Toon Boom on my new Mac (w Leopard), but it will not launch the app.

I get this message:

"The Application Toon Boom Studio Express v3.5 quit unexpectedly"

This SUCKS!!!

Has anyone else had this problem???


Please have a look here:



So the message I got is consistent with what you have seen in the past with leopard users?

I just want to make sure I havnt done something else to screw this up.

Are you still on track to have a fix by the end of November?

thanks, I just cant wait to start using my new tablet and your software looks like the best match!


For Toon Boom Studio version 4 we should be having a patch to fix what is not working. Although for v3.5 nothing has been decided yet. I would strongly suggest you to contact the sales department about this at sales@toonboom.com.

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