Load library animation or poses on rig


Does anyone know if you can save/load animation or poses of a rig (not the save and load the rig itself though, just it’s motions from a certain range of frames)
We’re doing a project in cutout style.

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yes there is a way to do this. But, it needs some preparation.

If for example you would like to reuse a walk cycle of your character rig in another scene, you would have to create a template of this part of your animation. To do so, you just have to drag the selected keys into the library view.

This stored action can be reused in another scene on the same rig if the layer structure corresponds to the one of your stored action.

How to import a template into the Timeline or Camera view - 3. You can also drag a template to the right side of the Timeline view and into existing layers if the layer structure is the same as the existing one.


These templates created from the Timeline View are or were called ‘Action Templates’ and are different from Master Templates created from the Node View.
Action Templates only contain the information needed for the stored movement whereas Master Templates created from the Node View contain the data of the whole rig.


i highly doubt THUR is talking about templates, I believe THUR is talking about copying and pasting an action onto any rig not just the rig the animation came from, i.e I have 2 rigs called red and blue, I animate red rig to run and jump, then i take the animation key frames and paste them to blue rig, I believe that’s what THUR wants to know and if I’m wrong no big deal cause I would like to know if it can be done. {SIDE THOUGHT} if i have a rig template that i use for multiple characters and the only thing i change is the drawings for each part of the rig can’t i copy and paste animation from a different character but same rig setup.


Yes, that’s actually what I’m looking for : transferring / or stocking motions in a library, not the rigs.
Make an animation or pose in a rig (A). Save the motion (not rig) and load/paste it on either another rig (with the same setup, but different look or color) or on the same rig, but in another scene. In 3D I do this for animation, and for poses. It allows me to reuse character poses or expressions in several scenes / episodes.
Much thanks.

Thanks for you reply Stefman.
Just to know, this will this transfer motions / animations without the rig?


yes, Action Templates will only import the animation/motion, not the rig itself.
But, Master Templates created from the Node View contain the whole rig. So, there are 2 different kinds of templates.

Hm, will this work on another rig as well? That’s a good question. I think that it also should work on another rig if, as you said, the setup is the same (the layers have the same names and order).

Just try it and tell us. :slight_smile:
I’m interrested in the answer as well.


Also there is a Pose copier in v14.

Quickly bring character key poses into your scene from a bank of preset poses. With its dynamic interface, the Pose Copier gives you more creative control and helps you be more efficient when animating.

This was apparently a script in previous versions that been updated for 14.



I haven’t digged into the Pose Copier that much yet.
Do you know if it is possible to copy a whole movement that way? Or is it limited to poses?
And, do you know if it works on differnet rigs as well?



on July 28 there will take place a webinar explaining how to use the Pose Copier script:


Haven’t had a chance to download 14 yet so I have no idea.

Very interesting.

Yeah I read that, and it sounds a lot like the thing I was looking for. The problem is that we’re in production of 52 episodes. Changing the software at this point is a little risky :slight_smile:
We already didn’t take the 12 because the setup was done in 11 and the rigs didn’t work the way they should. (“Create Kinematic Output” was also gone missing, my colleagues told me) As you can imagine, it was too late to do a second pre-production :slight_smile:
That script you talk about, was that available for the 11 or didn’t it go that far?

Much thanks to the both of you for explaining and taking the time.

Pose Copier is also in harmony 12

I have some good news.

I just tried to apply an ‘Action Template’ (so only the stored animation/motion data) on a duplicated character rig where I had simply changed colours. And it works!!!


Yes, the Pose Copier script also existed in Harmony 11. But, if I understood well its developement was pushed ways further since then.

Did you have a chance to test the Action Templates on a different rig?

In regards to the “Kinematic Output”, it still exists in the newer versions. :wink:


Thanks Stefman.
I’ll dig in this the coming evenings (have to direct the show during the day :wink: but it looks like you found what I needed.
Much thanks!

“In regards to the “Kinematic Output”, it still exists in the newer versions.”
The person rigging our characters said the version 11 rigs didn’t work in the 12. But we’ll for sure update if there’s a second season :slight_smile:

And in the 11 ?
Could you please show me how to get that? (fairly new at the software myself)



Pose Copier is also available in Harmony 11. You can follow the same step as 14 to add it to your Scripting toolbar.


Pose Copier is specific to a selected template.

Beside the Pose Copier, if you only want to paste timing and keyframes, you can explore the Paste Special and Paste Mode options.
If the structure is not the same between the two rigs (different hierarchy or connections), it will not work as expected. You require the same structure.

Check out the paste special and paste mode options here:

Paste modes:

I hope this helps!


It indeed works. A bit of a job to prepare but it works. This will speed up things a little :slight_smile:
Much thanks

Hello Maire-Eve

Thanks! I’ve added the Pose Copier.
Now I have to figure out how to use it :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for the help, this is really great.