little gaps appear during colouring

I’ve got a little problem: Right were I painted with invisble lines, there seem to be little gaps when I start colouring my character. However, if I zoom in, the gaps disapear. If I zoom out, they show up again.

As you can see they show up above the leg and behind the head. Is this normal? Can I simply ignore that or didn’t I work properly enough? I’m a bit worried that the animation becomes “flawed”.

It is best to get to the bottom of it before continuing your animation.
When you press k on your keyboard, you can see invisible lines and may gain information on what may be causing the gaps. Please try it and post results.

Hello, sorry for not answering sooner. I think I know now what caused the problem. After I start colouring, I sometimes see an outline I’m not happy with. So I adjust it by using the Contour Editer tool. But it appears that all the other outlines change as well when I move one of them and that’s what causes the gaps. This is rather … impractical. Any advices on how to avoid that? I just started to learn so I’m thankful for suggestions.