little bug bugging me

When I select a object on the stage and try to nudge it to the right with the right arrow key, it doesn’t budge. I can move objects up, down, left using the arrow keys. I can move objects right if I use shift+right arrow key but I only want to nudge it a little bit.

I’m using the Toon Boom Animate shortcut set and have noticed when I change my prefs to Flash or Studio shortcuts the right arrow works. I’d prefer not to use those other shortcuts though because I’m kind of used to the Animate ones.

Is there any where in the shortcut menu I can assign a nudge right? Or am I going to have to relearn some new shortcuts and re-set my Intuos express keys? :slight_smile:

Hmm I wonder how that could have happened.

I’d recommend opening up the Preferences window and doing a Reset All Defaults on the shortcuts. If that doesn’t work contact for further assistance.