List of Effects available in the different Harmony packages?

Is there any documentation on which effects are available in the different versions of Harmony? The product features page only lists them in quantity, with Essentials having 7, Advanced 12, and Premium 45.
I am working in Premium, but others on my team are using Advanced. I need to know which effects I can use that won’t break when opened on their machines.

I’m not sure there’s a list somewhere, but you can check the indexes of the documentation for both releases.


Alternatively you can download the Compositing and Effects Guide section on pdf here:

Advanced only has filter effects. No Particles, Light Shading or the possibility of adding OpenFX effects.

Ideally, the station with Premium would be at the end of the production line, but I think you can work with the scenes back and forth without destroying anything. I mean, if you have particles on a scene you just won’t see them on Advanced and if you save that scene you can open it again with the particles on Premium. I never tested that but I think that’s how it should work. From the FAQ: “anything done with a functionality that is not available in that Harmony edition will be visible but not editable.”

Luis Canau

I would make a test anyway with a bunch of effects exclusive to Premium, open it on Advanced, save, and then check again on Premium if everything is OK.

Ah, thank you Luis. Very helpful info!