Lipsyncs into Flash question

I use TBS to lipsync mouth positions for animations in Flash. Using several tricks to insure that the mouths are in the right positions and size has saved me lots of time. Once the lipsync is imported back into Flash (using the TBSi), the sound and mouth positions do not stay in sync but I adjust them by adding a frame when needed. This is not a big problem.

My question is this: When I import the TBS file/lipsync into Flash, the importer makes every frame a keyframe, even if the frame did not change. This means that there are many unnecessary keyframes for this layer. Is there a way to have the importer or TBS only make a keyframe when the frame has changed? If not, there should be.

As I get better with TBS, I will want to do more and more of the drawing and animating there and only be importing into Flash for the interactivity. But, if importing means adding hundreds of useless, redundant keyframes on a multi-layer animation, this will create a huge nightmare.

Once I know if it is possible to avoid the extra keyframes, I will decide whether to continue this in the “feature request” forum.

Back to the drawing tablet…

I haven’t actually taken the time to do this, but I know it will work:

TBSi gives you the option of importing selected layers, and it also lets you choose which frames to import.

you have to import with TBSi in stages. First import the elements/layers that are animated. That way you’ll have the keyframes you need–realistically you’ll have more than that, but we’re headed in the right direction here. You should also tell TBSi to import the sound at this time, and to use sound edits. Also, you can choose between keeping layers/elements or respecting element order (I don’t have it open right now and I think it’s referred to differently). You want to use layers.

In stage 2, you only want to import the static elements, and only one frame worth. This should give those keyframes the amount of timeline they need to last to the end.

I’m off somewhere in there, but that’s the basic idea. Your’re heading in the right direction for reducing .swf size, and in believing there’s a way to do it without handling each keyframe individually.