Lipsyncing Recommendations

I have some specific recommendations for making lipsyncing easier and more intuitive. I really think that most of my thoughts just involve reorganization of existing functionality, so it’s my hope that this will make this quite possible.

1. It’s disorienting to have the Modify Lip-Syncing Mapping functionality separate from the Edit Sound editor. They’re so closely tied together and there’s plenty of room for the necessary drop-downs and button. Please click on the thumbnail image below for my thoughts on how to best rearrange the editor to accommodate this. I would add a drop-down menu to select the lip syncing target element, and a button to modify the mapping.

Click for a larger image:

2. The modify mapping utility should remember the settings I’ve chosen. If I change something for a particular sound element and then go back to it, it should remember what the target element was, as well as the mapping changes I’ve made. Currently, this is not the case.

3. The Sound Element Editor should go directly to the chosen sound. Currently the top part shows “Sound Element” and always goes to frame 1, even if my sound doesn’t start until frame 300, forcing me to scroll to find it.

4. The Sound Element Editor needs to remember the Zoom setting from the previous time I used the tool, as well as the Enable Scrubbing checkbox.

5. In the Sound Element Editor, f I make changes to the lip synching using the phonemes on the right, and then click on the “Lip Sync” button it should alert me with something like “This will remove all of the changes you just did, are you sure?”. I mistakenly thought that was what I should press to apply my changes, and of course what I did was overwritten. Perhaps this button would be better labeled as “Calculate Lip-sync”.

6. This part would be new functionality. It feels awkward to have to use the little cartoon dude to chose the proper mouth shape for the sound when the element I want to use exists. If I choose my own mouth shape element can that show up as the A through X choices instead of the default Toon Boom guy?