Lipsynching More Than One Char

I’m not sure how to ask this but I’ll try…

I’ve got one line of audio and 2-6 chars that need to speak…and here the comes the part that I don’t even know how to describe–I’ve lipsynched the first one(using the lipsynch feature, etc.), but when it comes to selecting pieces of audio I want to be mapped, it remaps the whole thing…and when it does do the one char the audio is reset to being just that piece, silincing the other, and well relipsynching that one screws up anything I wanted to do the other and…AAH it’s just confusing as hell…this is just one of the things making a simpe little animation confusing…any help?

Btw sorry mods, didn’t notice there was a completely seperate forum for lipsynch…HA NEWB’D! XD

Good Day

Don’t know if I got the drift of what you want or not but do have an idea that you might want to try if your characters are not all having to talk over or with each other all at the same time. As long as the characters are taking turns what you might want to try is drawing the characters sans the moving parts all on one picture and then load all the moving parts, mouths facial expressions etc separately. Then record your script for each character as a separate sound file and then load each individually.

Another method might be to do the old pan to character close up deal where you flip back and forth or if you want combine this idea with the above but make a series of scenes that can then be loaded and blended later.

Hope some of this helps, far from any kind of expert myself but thought I’d share the idea as it occurred to me.

Ugo’s comments in “Dialogue problems” in the Lip-Sync section might also help.
But you probably found this by now right?..