Lipsync in portuguese

Hi. Sorry if this question doesnt make much sense.
But I’m brazillian (we speak portuguese here) and I wonder if there’s any way to download some kind of patch or add-on in harmony to make the lipsync detection work better in portuguese. Maybe the way harmony analises the sound file would work better if it knew what lamguage it is.

I m asking this because everytime i use the lipsync, I kinda works but it kinda doesnt and i have to go thru it manualy fixing the lipsync.

If not, any tips on making this automatic lipsync work better?

The auto lip syncing works by detecting phonemes, so the language shouldn’t matter. It will always take some lean up after, but your best bet is making sure that you have a clean audio file, try using a good quality mic if not studio recorded.

It’s normal having to tweak it a little, to make it more natural. I also use Portuguese (from Portugal) and the results are satisfactory. As karlL_9421 mentioned, the quality of the recording might be an issue. For instance, to get lip-sync from a song the result would be messy because you have a lot of sound over the speech. The same from a noisy recording. It’s probably not the case, but when you work with different frame rates and import or reuse lipsync from different projects with different frame rates you will have sync problems.

Luis Canau

If you change the frame rate of the project then the audio will go out of synch because the audio is sampled at the frame rate of the project during import. In such a situation you should delete the original audio file and re-import it.

The auto lip synch feature is very good but it is often a good idea to fine-tune it, even adding extra mouth shapes to give the animation “more life”. Think of the auto lip-synch as a good starting point rather than an absolute end result.