lipsync images disappear

Windows Vista, 32 bit
Toon Boom Animate
ATI Radeon HD 5600
90 GB free space

I’ve been loading PSD/JPEG files into a project, naming them A to G plus X and then running a lip-sync on them. This works and generates the required mapping and the result can be exported to *.swf. However, when I close Animate and open it again the drawings disappear. They appear to be there in the time line but they don’t appear on the screen. In the library, the drawing names can be seen but in every case the library window appears blank. When I imported the images, the boxes “Add to existing Layer” and “Vectorise Imported Items” are checked but “Create Symbols for Imported Items is not checked. The Files are about 500MB in size.

To see if it was file size, I repeated the exercise with Jpeg files of about 0.5MB each, importing them as black and white, vectorised images. This time some drawings disappeared upon save and re-opening but not all.

Any ideas?


Hi Lilly

Thanks for the response and attempt to replicate. I did the mapping both ways, ie re-naming the imported drawings in the X-sheet and as another experiment using the drawing names in the mapping. Plus, the drawings disappear from the library but their names remain.

I’ve got a suspicion, this is size related because I’m using comparatively huge images compared to the images usually used for mouthshapes.

I’m now using smaller images and the problem seems to have resolved itself.

Thanks for your help, I’ll contact support if I have further problems in this area.


I just tried this myself, and I was able to create a mouth chart in Photoshop and import it in. It vectorised the drawings, then they showed up in the camera view and the timeline. I saved the file, quit, then reopened and the drawings were still there.

I then proceeded to do the lip sync. One thing to be super careful of when you’re doing lip sync with imported images is that when you Map, you have to map to the drawing name of the imported images. So either you need to rename them A - X, or you have to type the current name in the Map window. For example, my drawings upon import were named 1_Layer_1 through 1_Layer_8, so if I type that in the map window it works. Otherwise, what it does is it simply maps to drawings A to X, which are currently empty.

If I do the map properly, then I save and quit, and reopen, then the drawings are still there.

If this didn’t help, contact for further assistance.