Lipsync Help/Collab?

Hello! I’m not sure how many of you animators out there still use Toon Boom Studio (I’m unable to upgrade to Harmony sadly) but I’ve been working on an animation over the month that’s about 18 seconds in length, with lots of lipsync. I can animate decently, but lipsync always gets me, and I can never get it to look right despite all the tutorials and advice I get. So I was wondering, is there anybody out there that would be willing to collab on this with me? All I need is someone to do the rough-sketch/animation of the lipsync for two characters, as the animation is still in the rough stage. I can outline and color and all that. And of course-- you would be credited for your help and work-- this animation is going on my YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, all with a decent following, and many are looking forward to this little goofy animation of mine.
I don’t have much money left, but I’m sure I could offer something, or even art in return (asides from the credit) if anybody were to help me. I’ve never done this before, but I assume I’d just email/send you a copy of the animation as a Toon Boom Studio file, and you would do the lipsync on the lipsync layer I made (I still have my gross attempt on some of it there) and then send it back.
I have pictures of the characters and their mouths too for your assistance. This is a very weird request I know, but if anybody could help me I would be so so grateful. The lipsync is the one thing holding me back from getting this done, and I’ve worked so hard on what I have currently.
If you’re interested, please let me know. Thanks.