lipsync clean up - click fest is driving me back to ruin

I have a question on regards to toon boom lip sync -
how can I select a group of cells , say 10 cells in the sound lipsync element and convert to a certain mouth configuration. -example mouth closed.
I tried doing this in the sound editor and exposure sheet — but the both don’t seem to allow to do so.
Right now I am having to do it cell by cell and it is sure going to screw my right arm and back in the process (some many mouse clicks)


Toon Boom studio lip sync will make the close mouth for you. But if you need to change it there are 4 alternatives.

1. Click in the exposure sheet, and locate the frame that you want to copy, and look for the number, the go to the frame where you want to copy (in the same column) and double click there and write the number you want to copy(similar to rename).
2. Drag the frame from the border of the cell to the end frame
3. In the drawing view sellect all and copy, and the go to the next frame and paste
4. The easiest one!! right click on the frame and select set exposure or extend exposure, and write the number of frames you want to insert or set the end frame for the second option.

I hope it will help