Lips sync

I readed tutorials from Toon Boom sites but I still don’t understand some things. So please please help me …

  1. When I click on Layer Properties of sond file the new window does not look like this :
    Its different and window’s name is Sound Element Editor.
  2. I understand the thing when I click Auto Detection on Sound I want and everything I got is that some toon boom character animates his lips, after that when I close window some black lines show on keyframes. The drawing what I draw and selected in window called Lip-Sync mapping as a source simply dissappears when I put the scene to play.

Right-clicking on a sound layer in Timeline and choosing Layer Properties opens the Sound Element Editor window which is different than the Layer Properties window that opens for a sound layer from the top menu bar. The one illustrated in your image is accessed through the top menu bar.

With the sound file layer selected go to the top menu bar => Windows => Layer Properties