Lip Syncing Issues

I’ve imported two mp3 files each containing a voice over for a seperate character.

Initially when I attempted to move the sound file down the timeline, the waveform would disappear. I found that this was only correct by closing and reopening the program.

My current problem is, when mapping the files, only the first 80 frames are mapped, the remainder of the sound file is ignored completely. In other words, the various mouth positions are only applied to the first 80 frames of the character, where as it should edit over 800 frames.

Please help

Double click the musical note to bring up the sound dialog.

Click on the sound element on the on top and the top and bottom should go purple.

Go to the bottom frame and go to the end of the sound and drag the purple accross until all of the sound you want to use is included.

Then it should work hopefully.

As always thanks Raider!

I just realized I failed to share something…I adjusted the sound file initially after importing in order to correct the timing between the two files (meaning I grabbed part of the waveform int he timeline view…say frames 80-90 and moved them to 75-85…) I did all this prior to mapping.

Inside of the Sound Element Editor I see that there are gaps…gap starts at 274…then it picks up with a new purple block at 277…could this be preventing Animate from mapping the entire file?

Theres no option to select the entire file in the top timeline of the sound element editor, however i can select the entire file in the bottom…

What steps should I take?

Frames 219-311 are the only frames which are mapped, the next block, 313-387, and so on (435-474) are not.

I’ve edited the mp3 in the sound dialog file, it now recognizes all of the mouth movements, unfortunately it is not showing the desired results in the camera view after I’ve exited the sound dialog.

That sounds really wierd. I haven’t ever come accross that.

If there are sections not purple it means they aren’t included and that is your problem.

Is it just this single sound file you are having issues with or every soundfile?

Have you done a lip sync before or is this your first?

There are two mp3’s, one for each character’s voice. I’m experiencing the same problem with both files. They were recorded in mono and then saved in stereo mp3, I’ve experienced problems importing them as wav files.

what program are you trying to use to convert?

Try using audacity, it is free and really good for editing, and see if you still have the problem.

Sounds like it might be the format.

The audio (voices) was both recorded and cleaned up in adobe soundbooth, then saved as mp3.

I’ll give audacity a try.

Any idea why I have to close and reopwm animate to see the waveform in the timeline once I move it (e.g. From start frame 80 to start frame 160).

I have never had the problems you describe. That is why it made me wonder about the file format. MP3 is one of those formats that not all are made equal. There isn’t a standard format anymore but a group of formats which are most commonly recognised by players.

Using Adobe Soundbooth CS3 I resolved the issue by saving as mono vs. stereo. The sound file was originally recorded in mono. My guess is SB does something crazy to the file when I save it in stereo.