Lip-syncing in ToonBoom 7

I’ve been using Toon Boom Studio (I guess its name has changed now) for quite a while, starting with version 4.0 and now using
version 7; however, I have always had the same problem. I simply cannot get the lip-syncing to work at all.

I’ve read the threads on here about lip-syncing problems, but the solutions/responses more or less tell me what I already know,
about mapping the mouth-drawing numbers (or drawing names) into the “A, B, C” box and using a good recording. I’ve tried
a couple of different microphones and exporting from GarageBand in the highest quality, but I still just get a single mouth
position all the way through (the first position, which in my target mouth is always simply “1”).

What is the most likely problem here? Is the recording software not good enough? Is it the microphone? I am willing to buy a
new one, but other threads on here suggest that the microphone is usually not the biggest issue. I could understand it if the
mouth positions were being mapped in incorrectly, but I’m getting none at all, other than drawing # 1, all the way through.

After many years of using this software, I’m still mapping in every single mouth position manually, one frame at a time, which is
easily the most time consuming part of my animation.

Any good advice would be appreciated.