Lip syncing for two people in one scene

??? Hey wassup forum im a newbie i just started using toon boom animate two weeks ago i watched alot of tutorials on youtube,read through the forums and still havent found out how to lip sync for two different puppets in one scene can any one help me please?

You’ve got three options.

1. Do it manually for each character.

2. Use the auto sync and apply it to both characters’ mouths then reset each section where the other character speaks.

3. Edit the audio file into two separate files for each character, import both audio files and then use auto sync.

Personally, I prefer option 1 whether it’s one character or more.

Thanks zeb i seen your work too its great keep it up !!!

Will do, Eddie, and thanks!

I have created several 10-15 minute animations with multiple characters. I have found that having a seperate sound file for each character and/or mouth movement works best for me.

Exactly - it all depends on whether you’re working with one sound file or multiple sound files. In either case, you will just calculate the lip sync on the sound layer, then you can map to either or both layers, and delete the exposure on the layers where you don’t need it.