Lip-synch to songs

I’ve read some of the other topics below about splitting up the sound but what if you are lip synching to a song that doesn’t have natural breaks?

I’m having a horrible time trying to match my character’s mouth to the song because it gets a few seconds into the song and them starts to lag. By the end of the first verse the mouth movements are 6 or more frames behind. Just keep multiplying that and it is a mess by the end of the song.

I’m on TBS 2.5 for PC.

Also, do you find that mp3 or WAV’s work better? I’ve tried both but prefer the mp3 because it doesn’t take up as much room.

I have not tried to do that but if you are bringing a song with the music in to the program and lip sync it may be to much. but if you play the song into some headphones and sing into a mic so you just have a voice to lip sync to than when you are done remove or deactivate that sound element make a new one to import the song with the music and place it so the voices start on the same frame it should work you don’t need to sing well you just need a voice.