Lip synch destination issues

I’ve got a little problem. The animation I’m working on has 2 characters from four angles, 5 sound elements for the hubby, 6 sound elements for the wife, and a background element. When I go to lip synch the destination is always the first element after the sound elements (GC Cliff). So then I go modify lip synch mapping and asign the destination as HS Mouth element. The 1st sound element that is lip synched works fine. But… When I go to map the seccond sound element the first one keeps getting reassigned back to the 1st element after the sound elements (GC Cliff). So now Hubby’s lips are still for the 1st sound element and move for the 2nd sound element. I hope that makes sense. Anyway I usually chase this problem around for a couple of hours until I accidently fix it and Hubbys lips move to all of his 5 elements. I dont know how I’m fixing it. It might have something to do with “Stop All Sounds”, sometimes when I push that one it works, but not all the time. Any help will be gladly appreciated. Thanks

I’m not sure I quite follow the whole deal here, but here are a few approaches that work:

I hope that made sense and is helpful.

Thanks Rob I’ll give that a try.