lip synch - deletes previous lip synchs on same mouth - can this be stopped?


i do a lip synch and it works fine. Further down the scene I want the same character, same mouth to say something else. I import a new sound, do the same procedure and it works fine for that, but the original lip synch is replaced with blanks. How do I limit each lip synch section to only work on the relevant cells?


Hi Jonathan,To have multiple sound segment synched to a single drawing element you will need to import all of your sound in that single one sound element. To do that, after you have imported your first sound, enter the Edit Sound window, then select your sound from the top graph and you should have a red slider available. Bring it to the location you want your next sound to start then press the import button. Get your sound and from that point on if you use the Lip-sync it should apply for both of the sound segment.Best regards,Ugo

So thats how you do it. Ah ha