Lip Sync

I’m completely stuck.

I’ve spent the past week reading the entire toon boom guide in regards to how to use the program (I’m a newbie) and so far I have everything relatively covered…

Except the auto lip synch feature. I’ve read and reread the entire chapter several times over and I can’t seem to get it. The problem is that while I can easily modify the auto lip sync options and all that, the actual image of the mouth is not showing up in the final cartoon.

If someone has a spare 5 mins could you please provide me with a quick step by step on how to use auto lip sync from start to finish?

Would be so awesome… thanks!!

Make sure that the names of your 8 mouth-shape-drawings are identical with the names
in the Lip Sync Mapping Window, by default they are A-B-C-D-E-F-G-X. Otherwise change them.;action=display;threadid=4941
(please copy and paste the whole link into your browser)


Figured this out a few hours after posting the forum, thought the first link of the two listed was enough.

To clarify, my problem was that I did not realise I needed to draw the 8 different mouth positions, as the “sound editor” window shows preset mouth positions, giving me the impression that it was already done for me. Seems a bit silly to me now, though I do think for future reference there should be direct mention that a set of mouth positions need to be drawn within the user guide.