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I am workin on some lip sync and I’m not quite sure what the default A through G mouths are supposed to represent in the lip sync tool. I’ve tried a few variation, but the “L” shapes in particular must be off. I either get L’s all over the place or L’s in the wrong spots. Please help. Thanks.

Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 build 59, Mac OSX 10.4.8

Well, if you’re used to the Preston Blair Mouthshapes you have to assign them
to the Toon Boom system in the Sound Element Editor.

B = rest
C = E
D = AI
E = L
F = O
G = FV
X = closed

Please keep in mind that at the moment F is G and G is empty.
Toon Boom will release an update in early 2007.


Thanks a lot, Nolan. This is gonna make my job a lot easier.

Speaking of changes or updates, it would be great if the mouth shapes in the editor were bigger. I was right up next to the screen and couldn’t see the difference between them. And maybe having the list like Nolan’s next to the shapes would be good too.

Here’s a chart I made a while back with one of my characters. I think the only discrepancy is the L–I didn’t think they had one, and I’m glad to discover I’m wrong–thanks Nolan.

Hi Mmueller,

I just want to let you know that the next article will cover some lip-synching tips so this might help you out with in your learning process.

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can anyone help me i know how to do the lip sync i just dont no how to make the body move and make the guys lips follow the body well talking in (toon boom v3)

Try reading through these first:
Products > elearning > documentation > TBS User Guide (page 194)
Products > elearning > tutorials > Quickly create a greeting card
Products > elearning > articles > Advanced lip-syncing

If you still get stuck after reading these resources then also read through the forum section “Lip-sync” or let us know…