Lip Sync

Don’t understand how to assign the mouth shapes that i saved at the animate library to work? i have already draw all the mouth shapes and saved but have no idea how to assign it?

Please help me… getting really frustraded


Make sure you save it as template. To use it.

Check the manual about ‘working with sound’ or ‘lip sync’ from creating a mouth shape to lip sync for more details.

I did this recently and it went fairly smooth (although I later changed some of the automappings to be better).

All the mouths go on one layer.
Then you import the sound.
Right click on the sound and go to lip sync → auto lip sync detection.
Then right click and go lip sync → map lip-sync.
This is where you match the layer to the drawings. Keep in mind the cells have to be labelled to match. You can change the label names with CTRL-ALT-D on the Xsheet view.

Thankx for the help will try straight away

Hi I’m having a real trouble with understanding WHERE to file my mouths. When you say 'all the mouths go on one layer" does this mean i have to make a symbol out of the collection of mouths?
Currently I have each mouth as a separate drawing/symbol. I have tried selecting them all and creating a symbol from them - i can name that symbol, but nothing is there when i try to use that for my mouth syncs

I am sure it is just me - and I would appreciate any step by step help to overcome my stupidity

??? ???

Hi spideytim,

To clarify, all of your mouth shapes should be in the same drawing column and need to be vector elements. You cannot assign the lip shapes if they
are all in different drawing columns.