Lip sync with Master Controllers - what's everyone using?


I wonder what everyone’s preference is when it comes to using mouth shapes made with deformers? I see a lot of info on drawing substitution, Pose Copier, but not so much on animating mouth deformations.

I have a 360 head rotation and got the Master Controller to work, but I’m not so sure how to proceed with controlling the mouth. I’ve seen the examples of adding a “slider” type MC for the mouth, but that doesn’t seem very intuitive. I’d prefer having some form of thumbnails for the mouth. Can I have the Master Control for the head, and QuickSwap for the mouth? Will this work with a 360 rotation lip-sync?

I plan to rely on mouth deformations for some smooth inbetweens, with the occasional drawing substitution, but I need some guidance on how to best organize this.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated!