Lip sync w/ symbols

Can auto lip sync be done with symbols? It works without symbol, but when i try auto lip sync with symbol it just disappear.

Only drawing elements can be mapped to the lip synch.

This is very surprising. Toon Boom has symbols and templates so you can re-use characters from shot to shot, scene to scene. But this means that puppets actually can’t do auto lip sync! This makes both symbols/templates and auto lip sync much less valuable than they should be!

Apparently, it also means that any art you import, say from Photoshop as a psd, can’t be used with the auto lip sync (because imported art always becomes a symbol). Is that correct?

I have been on the verge of purchasing Animate for a couple weeks, but confusion about this matter has held me up. If there’s some way to import layered psds and apply auto lip sync to them, I will go ahead and buy the software today. If not, I think I will pass.

Your answer seems pretty definitive, but I’m asking again from incredulity and hope that Animate will be a viable solution for me. Can you provide any clarification or guidance?