Lip Sync Test

Hey Toonboomers! Here’s a lip sync test I put together to test out a new pipeline. A lot of the lip-sync in my <a href=>last cartoon really makes me cringe so I’m creating a better set of mouth shapes to (hopefully) get more accurate looking lip sync.

Here’s a screenshot of my workspace setup:

I used pegs to manipulate the pre-designed mouth shapes and also add extra inbetweens as well to smooth it all out. I think it worked pretty good!


Sound clip is from an episode of FREAKAZOID.

Very nice and thanks for the screenshot! It would be nice to see a video tutorial explaining how you did the setup and animating. Is it just the different mouth shapes with some additional movement using the Peg? That’s what it looks like.

Sure! I want to put together a tutorial on lip sync soon.

And yeah, I made about fifteen different mouth shapes for both the “smile” and “frown”. These were the main “phonemes” like “ah”, “ee” “oo” “f/v” etc. plus some inbetween shapes to ease in and out of the shapes when I need to.

I have two peg layers for each mouth set. The top peg is for positioning and shaping the expression. The bottom peg is for adding an extra motion I want to the lip sync.

Hope that makes sense. I’ll do a video tutorial soon!

I really like your use of the bottom eyelids in general (not just this).

Pretty damn good.

I miss troll slayer :frowning:

Thanks! Troll Slayer will be back with new episodes soon!