Lip Sync Problem

Alright, I got the automatic lip syncing to work correctly, but I do have one problem.

I drew the mouth shapes A through X in frames 1 through 8. When my characters speak works very well, but during the first 8 frames the video plays through all of my mouth shapes… Are these supposed to be drawn somewhere else? How do I get the mouth to stay shut through these frames as no one is speaking?


Your mouth shapes are cells in the element. Cells are assigned as exposures to frames. If you start out creating a cell at a particular frame, but then don’t want that cell to be displayed for that frame, all you need to do is change the frame’s cell assignment using the Cells panel. You can select any other cell in the element as your exposure or just set the frame’s cell assignment to a blank “empty” cell (in your case perhaps a closed mouth position). The important TBS fundamental to remember is that once a cell exists in an element it will remain available for frame assignments in the project’s local scene catalog in your library even if it is no longer assigned to any frame position. I hope this helps. -JK