Lip sync phoenemes

Coming from a traditional animation background the 8 phoenemes
that tbs uses are a bit of a mystery to me and very little use to anyone except the automatic lip sync code.

Does anyone know what the phonemes (sounds) A-G and X actually stand for?

It would be a great help as the illustrations in the manual are a little small and very cartoony to work out with any degree of accuracy.

I have a chart I’ve emailed to several people. Nobody’s complained, so I guess it works. When I get home tonight I’ll try to remember to email you a copy at your listed email. If I forget, I got distracted by my son (3 weeks old now). Feel free to email me (yeah, anyone) for a copy of this. Eventually I’ll make it available at my website.

I guess my problem is that I’m used to using more mouth shapes and TBS is pretty inflexible on that point.
I think I’ll stick to using Magpie. but I would appreciate some kind of explination from ToonBoom just incase the feature can actually be of use.