Lip sync not working in flash

I’ve created an animation with lip sync. In TBS works great but the export size is big. When I imported the animation in Flash MX 2004 with the latest importer, to make smaller in size, the sound doesn’t sync with the lips although I have checked the stream box in audio edit.

Someone knows how to make this work properly?


Hi it’s me again, I’ve resolved the problem, and my approach was to import the sound and the animation in different layers in flash.

Then I used Audacity (an open source audio editor, free of charge) to make the sound longer to match the lip sync. It worked well in my computer.

Then I’ve tried the animation in a slower computer and didn’t match the lips at all.

So the final solution was:

• Import the animation into flash to stage without the sound, but with the lip sync mapping
• Divide the audio in phrases, obtaining several audio files and remove any silence (using Audacity)
• Import these audio files to library
• Create a new layer in flash
• Locate the frame corresponding to the beginning of every phrase
• Click on that frame, press f6 and then drag the audio file corresponding to the phrase to the stage

And that’s it, although in very slow computer won’t work exactly, it will look reasonable OK. For a normal computer, works perfect and the size is smaller