Lip sync not working (Animate 2)

I only get the ‘X’ drawing every frame.

I have correct drawing layer selected.
I have 8 drawings A-G and X (named with capitals).
I have even tried testing with audio sample from lip sync tutorial. No luck.

any suggestions, I stumped, been at this all day :frowning:


Make sure that the names of the drawings are identical with the Lip-Sync-Mapping-Window.
Check the Library-Window if the names are correct.

yes they are correct, I have used toon boom before so it is seeming like somthing is wrong. I have opened old projects and tried to lip sync a new layer no luck. No matter what audio I use.

Hmmmm… Not sure if the sound-file has anything to do with it ?
What kind of sound-file are you using ? Bit-depth / Sample-rate / Compression.
Are you able to provide a download-link to your project / sound-file ?
Otherwise, delete the Toon Boom Preference Files and see if that helps.
A complete new Reinstall might be another possibility…

If nothing works, you might have to contact the Toon Boom Team.

This is link to file I am using to try and get this to work.
This audio has been used with toon boom previously and worked.

It would be much appreciated if someone can tell me “hay works as is on toon boom” It will help with cutting through ‘red tape’ with support.

Using Animate 2 Build 7.9.0 (6015) Mac-Version.

The Lip-Sync-Mapping works perfectly here. All mouth-shapes are there.
There seems to be nothing wrong with your file, rather with your software-installation ?
Have you tried using .aif or .wav instead of .mp3 ?

thanks, I’ll try a clean install and .wav and .aif.
Looks I might end up contacting support
:frowning: no fun